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Trigger Warnings: Threads of Fate

If you’ve read the novels that come before this, you already know what you’re getting into. If you haven’t, this is a companion book of short stories and it’s going to spoil everything about the other books. What are you doing here? Turn Back. Or don’t, dealer’s choice.

This book explores a variety of stories from a variety of characters. Each story will be labelled with their individual triggers, so this list is very general. Please tread carefully.

Generally, the book features scenes of:

Vulgar language

Minor Body horror

Exploration of sexual coercion

Mentions of rape, sexual abuse, and physical violence

Homophobia and Unhappy situations for LGBTQA+ characters

Death of farm animals

Trauma-related mental health issues

Mentions of mental, emotional, and verbal abuse


Specific Warnings for Each Story:

Oh Goddess.

Alcohol, melancholy, violence, foul language, thoughts of sexual coercion.

Winter Comes For All Hearts

Mentions of physical and sexual assault, depression, trauma, food scarcity, captivity, grief

A Lesson in Loyalty: Hired Date AU

Mental exploitation, alchohol, swearing

Some Oaths Are Easier Kept Than Others

Explict vanilla flavoured sexual content, swearing, alcohol

Too Few Fish in the Sea

Violence, death of a family member, homophobia, gore, child abuse, animal death (hunting)

Father is God in the Eyes of a Child

Minor acts of violence, feelings of abandonment

The Monster You Made Me

Exploitation, sexual coercion, manipulation, alcohol, near-miss sexual encounter, sexual deception, melancholy,


Extortion, homophobia, kidnapping, drug use, abandonment, melancholy, breakups.


General anxiety, discussions of pregnancy

Happily Ever After

Explicit vanilla sexual content, moments of existential crisis

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