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Trigger Warnings: Coal Gets In Your Veins

Updated: Mar 29

Note: This list is subject to change between now and the book's release in Fall 2024.

This book includes individual scenes that are fictionalisations of real traumatic events that happened to or around me. Some are mine to tell, some were included by request. This book is a standing monument to things that people have suffered, and as such, please proceed with caution. 

A list of these side scenes and their specific triggers will be available on my website, as well as in the appendix at the back of this book once the list is finalized.



Sexual content

Sexual assault from a spouse

Implied sexual assault involving a minor (off page) 

Homophobic slurs

Emotional abuse

Grief and depression around loss of loved ones

Firearm use

Recreational alcohol, smoking, and drug use

Death of a wild animal

Dark spaces

Blood and gore

Descriptive scenes of biting and blood drinking, including in sexual scenarios


Fire, burns, and burning buildings 

Stalking and luring

Food restriction in the form of a vampire drinking rationed blood

Mention of past murders




Homicidal Ideation 

Closeted trans teen dealing with identity in a seemingly hopeless situation

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