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Painted image of the northern lights, blues, greens and purples dancing across the sky


Three books standing in front of a bookcase
The Unwritten Runes Series

Queer dark fantasy books that will break your heart.

What more could you want? 

The Goddess of Nothing At All follows Loki's wife Sigyn through the stories of Norse mythology as she tries to find a place for herself among her godly family. Unfortunately for her, turning to Loki for help sends the nine realms hurtling toward the end of everything. 

Epilogues for Lost Gods is book two. It wraps up the duology with a story of grief and healing in the aftermath of Ragnarok. 

Threads of Fate is a small collection of short stories that vary from soft family moments to sexy encounters to heart-wrenching truths. This can be read after book one, except the final story, which takes place after book two. 

The books are dark fantasy with undertones of romance, and neither are for the faint of heart.

Trigger Warnings can be found on each book's individual page. Proceed with caution. 

Cropped picture of a woman's torso with a mysterious shaped wolf in the background
This Too Shall Burn

If there's only one witch in town, who have they been burning?

Do you love books about queer witches, young women questioning everything they know, and the complicated subjects of religion, trauma, menstrual health, and medicine? 

This might be the novel for you. 

Releasing September 13th, 2023, This Too Shall Burn tells the story of a jaded witch and a battered young woman coming together to uncover the dark undercurrent of the town of Arrothburg. 

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