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Shipping & Returns

Shipping Policy

Shipping is expensive these days, despite every effort to keep costs low.

My books ship in one of two ways.

If you live in Canada:

your books will ship from my home in flat rate Canada Post boxes. Shipping starts at the current rate of the smallest flat rate box. As of 2023, that's around $21 CDN.

If you live anywhere else in the world:

My books ship through my business partners Caffeine & Legends. Their access to Pirate Ship's low-cost shipping rates within the US and around the world allows me to ship at the lowest possible cost. International customers can expect to pay at least $18.99 USD, while US customers start at $5 USD. 

Return & Exchange Policy

Due to the nature of the indie industry, I cannot offer returns on books. If a book happens to arrive damaged and a solution cannot be made with the shipping company, email me at with proof of your attempts to resolve the issue and we'll discuss the issue. 

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