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This Too Shall Burn

A cropped photo of a woman's torso, a mysterious wolf in the background
This Too Shall Burn

Arden has lived in the woods near the deeply religious town of Arrothburg all her life, practising magic and keeping balance with nature. She heals the sick, as her mother did before her. No matter how deeply the people of the village hate witches, they still arrive at Arden’s cabin in the dead of night, looking for help that their pastor, mayor, and doctor

would never provide. 


Verity is trapped in a life she doesn’t want. Her mother was burned as a witch six years ago, forcing Verity into the role of caretaker for her father and her younger siblings. The Good Book asks her to serve, and so she does. But it also asks her to endure the ungodly, debilitating agony of her monthly bleeding. No medicine, no comfort, no protests. If God is kind,

why is she so cursed? 


When a chance encounter between them leaves both their skin charred at a single touch, Arden and Verity are left with questions that may

get them killed. 


Does something wicked live inside Verity? 

If Arden is the only true witch for miles, who is burning on the pyres? 

Will they be next? 

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