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Available for preorder in ebook, paperback, and special edition hardcover in January 2023
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Arden has done her best to live in balance with the land and the spirits that live there, some of which act as her patrons, bestowing her with magic in return for acts of service. When Verity stumbles into Arden's camp in the woods, wounded and faint, a moment of skin-to-skin contact gifts Verity with the ability to sense a lie. Both gift and curse, Verity begins to peel back the lies that blanket her little village. Arden swears there are no other witches in the village, so who have they been burning? 

Topics include: Midwifery, healing practices outside of western medicine, menstrual health (endometriosis-like symptoms), and religious trauma and manipulation. 

More info will come as the book gets nearer to completion!

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If there's only one witch in the woods, who exactly are they burning in that town?


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