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Avaliable in ebook, paperback, and hardcover

Preorders are currently available across all major retailers, with a release date of September 2022. To be alerted for updates on the book, sign up for the newsletter via this website's front page. 

This collection of short stories is for readers of Cat Rector’s The Goddess of Nothing At All and Epilogues for Lost Gods. Each story delves a little deeper into the lives of Sigyn, Loki, and the people closest to them. 

In Winter Comes for All Hearts, Idunn retreats into her own mind to keep from living the horrors of being held prisoner in Thjazi’s keep. In Oh Goddess, Loki realizes he can’t lie about his affections for Sigyn much longer. In Sacrifices, Sigyn and Alruna find themselves enamoured with one another, but as per usual, Odin has other plans. 

With nine distinct stories, this book explores the heights and depths of pain, love, desire, and family. 

A full list of trigger warnings can be found on the website,

as well as inside the book before each story. 


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