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The paperback is the middle range item in the signed items category. It's more affordable than the hardcover but also still gives you that New Book Smell. 


Note: Personalization isn't available on paperback or hardcover books because of the nature of my shipping agreement. 


Watch out for that shipping though! I've done my best to keep prices reasonable for my readers by taking on a business partner. All Canadian orders ship via Canada Post's Flate Rate boxes. US and other international orders will ship via Pirate Ship, through my partner Caffeine and Legends, which helps keep costs within the US low. 

Signed Paperback - Threads of Fate

  • Due to the nature of the indie industry, I cannot offer returns on books. If a book happens to arrive damaged and a solution cannot be made with the shipping company, email me at with proof of your attempts to resolve the issue and we'll discuss the issue. 

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