Tropes: GoNaa

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

Some readers like to know what they're getting into before they read a book. If you're one of those types, this page is for you! If not, beware! Spoilers ahead.

  • Cast Full of Gay

  • I didn’t technically lie

  • I’m a softie, but only with my friends

  • At least one LGBTQA+ character gets to be happy at the end!

  • Slow descent into madness

  • Snarky love interest

  • Daddy issues

  • Anti-Hero

  • Thor is a violent golden retriever

  • Brains over brawn

  • Acceptance of queerness from loved ones

  • Author is Allergic to HEA

  • Bait and switch wedding murder

  • Are you the bad guy or is it me?

  • Bad boy love interest

  • Forbidden romance

  • Found family

  • End of the world

  • Coming out (side character)

  • Is fate real?

  • Because destiny says so

  • The whole family is queer

  • Ride or Die Bestie

  • Betrayal!!!!

  • Immortal Gods acting a lot like stupid humans


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