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Trigger Warnings: The Goddess of Nothing At All

Don’t let the beginning fool you. This is not a soft book. I don’t shy away from challenging topics, and many of my characters will be pushed to their emotional limits.

This book may not be for you.

The book features scenes of:

Vulgar language

Gratuitous violence and torture

Mental, emotional, and verbal abuse

Unhappy situations for LGBTQA+ characters

Mentions of sexual coercion and rape

Death and violence towards animals

Discrimination and fantasy slurs


To the best of my abilities, I've included a complete list of Trigger Warnings below. Beware, spoilers lie ahead.


  • Moments of gratuitous violence and gore, battle scenes, torture, death

  • Mental, emotional, verbal abuse

  • One mention of infant fatality

  • Death of a teenage child

  • Death of character with a disability

  • End of the world scenario (Ragnarok)

  • Mentions of sexual coercion

  • Mentions of rape

  • Animal-related violence and death


  • Coming Out Scene (side character)

  • Violence toward LGBTQA+ characters (not exclusive to/because of orientation)

  • Discrimination

  • Fantasy Slurs

  • ​Death of LGBTQA+ characters (it's an end of the world scenario, and not all LGBTQA+ characters die)

  • Cross-dressing (one character unhappily forced, one character happily gender fluid)


  • Sexual encounters

  • Kidnapping

  • Mention of abortion

  • Pregnancy and childbirth

  • Exploration of trauma and mental illness

  • This story is not a romance, there’s just romance in it. I’m going to hurt you.

  • A weird myth with a mystical baby horse that implies someone had sex with a horse. Not my fault, blame the myths. Look up Sleipnir for more info, but spoilers ahead.

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