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Review: Chaos Rising by Lyra Wolf

After reading Lyra Wolf's novel Truth and Other Lies, Lyra very generously offered me an ARC copy of Chaos Rising! Of course I said yes because more Loki in my life is only a good thing. That said, this is the standard disclaimer that everything I write will be honest and unbiased! I'll even try to keep the spoilers minimal, but if you haven't read book one, you should do that first ๐Ÿ‘Œ

Book Two has an epic, sinister beginning, pulling us in where we last left Loki. Where was that again? Oh yeah, being tortured in a cave, nbd. His desire for vengeance for all he has lost is more than understandable, and I was ready to destroy the nine realms with him. Only things never go as planned, and Loki finds himself once again torn between the satisfying revenge his fate would allow, and doing "the right thing."

What I liked most about this book is its ability to stray away from the so-often trodden path of Norse Myth. Lyra doesn't play too close to the predictable version of things, which keeps the journey refreshing and surprising. She also isn't afraid to delay giving readers what they want in order to keep them invested in the plot. Combine that with some very satisfying emotional growth, and I found it to be a compelling extension of the previous book.

The ending of Chaos Rising also leaves me with the question of What Next, because not only have we been set up for something intriguing for book 3, but there's no clear path that Norse Myth fans can anticipate. I can take a few guesses, but I have a funny feeling none of them will be accurate. And my favourite thing in the world is when a story surprises me!

Loki when someone asks who stabbed Falafel

Why you'll love this book:

  • Loki's still snarky and smart, but now powered by endless batteries of Spite

  • An interesting, original take on the events of Ragnarok

  • Whole family fun with appearances by Puppy Son, Big Snake, and Grr Daughter

  • Carefully woven events that tie the first two books together in unexpected ways

  • Loki's forced to put up with an Elf that's definitely a nicer person than him

  • Some big, flashy battle scenes

  • And the day getting saved by someone who deserves that kind of recognition

This book isn't for you if:

  • You're stuck in a rigid view of the myths and how they happened

  • You're don't believe in redemption arcs

  • You don't like villain origin stories

  • You don't want romance elements in your stories

  • You have issues with flawed characters making dubious choices

  • You don't like steamy sex scenes

  • You're not into fire giants, undead armies, and very big snakes

I'm so thrilled to have been gifted this ARC and I'm happy to recommend it to other Norse Myth lovers. If you haven't grabbed Book One, Truth and Other Lies, you can add it

on Goodreads or snag a copy on Amazon! Chaos Rising releases in three days on Amazon, so grab your preorder!


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