Loki: Episode Five Breakdown

Episode 5 - Journey Into Mystery

Welcome back all you fellow myth nerds to another Loki episode breakdown! Lyra and I have dug deep into Episode 5: Journey into Mystery. As with last week, this conversation will be divided into three parts: The Episode, Marvel Lore, and Mythology.

Obviously, this entire conversation contains ALL THE SPOILERS, so if you haven’t seen Episode 5 yet, maybe give that a watch first. Unless, you are chaotic like Loki and spoilers are your bread and butter.

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The Episode

Cat: This episode was a WILD RIDE. It played with so many things that I didn’t expect anyone to EVER do.

Lyra: You mean like Alligator Loki, God of Chomp? LOL! SO MANY NEW LOKIS.

Cat: Classic Loki isn’t my favourite of the bunch but is definitely the one who’s most self-aware. He makes comments like “He’s overly sensitive, like the rest of us” and knows exactly what he’s done and why he did it.

Alligator Loki is definitely the best character in this show, bar none, and the moment that he bites off President Loki’s hand might be the finest thing I’ve ever seen on tv. The SCREAM.

Lyra: Having to choose a favorite between Classic Loki and Alligator Loki is a cruel punishment for me. I’ve honestly not been able to stop thinking about either since I watched this episode.

However, Richard E. Grant just BLEW me away with his performance as Classic Loki and brought so much to this character we only get one episode with. AND WHILE WEARING THAT OUTFIT AND SHARING SCREEN TIME WITH ALLIGATOR LOKI. This man deserves an Oscar for that alone.

I loved that this episode gave us a self-aware Loki for once, and it’s heartbreaking to see him come to the conclusion he was the cause of pain for so many, and so removed himself from the equation.

BUT...Alligator Loki. I want an entire series on his adventures. I want the plushie. I want to love him forever and ever. When he went full-on Captain Hook Crocodile on President Loki...I lost it. I want that on a non-stop loop.

Also, he was willing to do “Get Help”...Just sayin...

Cat: The bowling alley setup feels so jestery and authentic to a band of Lokis, especially a Kid Loki. I love that.

Lyra: HIS CANDY CANE THRONE. It was like a combo of Candyland and mall Santa, and it worked. I also really loved the chaotic mess that was this setting, it really does fit the Loki Vibe.

Also, apparently there is an arcade urban legend easter egg hiding in the background with a game called Polybius. I thought that a fun addition to have this nod, as well as later on with another urban legend/conspiracy theory with the battleship of the Philadelphia Experiment.

Cat: I feel a bit cheated by the Boastful Loki part of the show. I found that he didn’t bring as much to the table as the rest, and I guess everyone can’t share the spotlight equally, but I honestly feel like he could’ve used more space for people to be interested in him.

Lyra: I agree with this. At the end of the episode I was scratching my head as to what purpose he actually served the plot, besides instigating the most amazing scene in cinema history. I wish they’d given him an arc, or at least kept him going along with the Loki gang. I just wanted more Boastful Loki, okay?

Cat: Classic Loki telling his story and our Loki being very interested in it is quite touching. It reminds me of those prompts like “if you could talk to your younger self, what would you tell them?” If I got the chance to meet Old Cat, what would she say? What could I learn? Imagine having that opportunity. I think the point that’s most touching is Classic Loki admitting that he got lonely and just wanted to know if anyone ever missed him. What a deeply sad sentiment and one that’s on theme with the show’s interest in friendship.

Lyra: And this is where I’m swayed further to Classic Loki vs Alligator Loki (forgive me, God of Chomp!).

This was incredibly moving and deep when he admitted missing Thor. Wanting to know if he mattered...

As we already mentioned earlier, Classic Loki is self-actualized, and the only one so far to be so. He understands that all Loki’s are broken.

He also understands that blades are a dumb choice against Thanos. YES. THANK YOU for this service, Classic Loki. I loved he actually claimed to have done what a lot of fans kept thinking 2012 Loki did, which is trick Thanos with an illusion.

NOW...I will say, this is what set up what I found incredibly beautiful and impactful at the end of the episode. That being, Classic Loki is the ONLY Loki to have escaped their fate of dying at the hands of Thanos. This also makes him the ONLY Loki to have never become a hero…

...until the end when he faces Alioth. When he finally faces his fate. I’m still getting chills from that scene.

Cat: The contrast of this band of Lokis compared to our Loki stands out starkly when ours wants to take action and be brave, whereas the others have either never been brave or have lost their will to be.

Lyra: Exactly! Again, they all have finally shown bravery/heroism once they face Thanos...all except Classic Loki, that is (well, until the end).

2012 Loki is different from the rest, however, in that he is starting to believe in himself. He wants to kill Alioth, something none of the others will dare do.

And I totally loved how none of the other Lokis were having 2012 Loki’s sales pitch for killing Big Scary Hungry Cloud. Maybe President Loki could have swayed them as the group’s main politician?

Cat: Loki’s made such a significant psychological leap in this series. “And then I’d finally be happy” is so self-aware. Many of us suffer from this and it hit me like a brick.

Lyra: SAME. Seriously, so many Lokis having so much self-awareness at once nearly put me in cardiac arrest.

Cat: The Lokis finding the idea of a female Loki to be terrifying and formidable pleases me greatly. She is terrifying and formidable and the MCU better keep her around.