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If You Loved ??? You'll Love My Book!

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

I'm about to start doing something I didn't expect to do.

I'm making a list of books that I think people who love my book would also read. And then I'm going to read them to make sure it's true.

It's a bit backwards intuitive. You'd think I'd know this already, given that I probably have read loads of books in the genre I love and write in, but as someone who reads 30 books a year (thanks adulthood), I'm not always up on the newest titles. There are also thousands of popular books that come out each year that I'll never have the time to read.

So here we are.

What's the point? Marketing. If you've ever witnessed Twitter events like PitMad or seen For Fans Of suggestions in a book synopsis, you'll know that bringing up titles similar to the book in question helps readers decide if this book is right for them. Cinderella x Ninja Turtles. For Fans of The Lord of the Rings.

And my For Fans Of isn't as current as I'd like it to be.

I've created a list of themes that I'm searching for in other books, and I'm keeping my ears peeled for the recommendations of readers across the internet for books that are:

  • Dark Fantasy/Grimdark

  • Mythology Retellings

  • Enemies to Lovers/Complicated Love Tropes

  • Morally Grey Characters

  • Bad Boy Trope

So, what have I found so far? Ahem.


This feels like a gimmie, the surest bet, and also like people must be screaming YOU HAVEN'T FUCKING READ THIS YET???? Listen, I'm halfway through the audiobook now and I did try to read it before but this Cat is a mood reader. I'm also gonna lose points by saying I don't Super Love fae stories. SO ANYWAYS, judging by the fanart, this is the world's most beloved problematic romance book and I feel slightly obligated to read it. Maybe I'm going to be entirely wrong and it's nothing like mine, but I dunno... feels like slim odds there.

I'm terrified of this book. When I first saw its synopsis, I immediately crawled under my desk, thinking someone had beat me to publishing Sigyn's story. It's a Norse Mythology retelling about Angrboda— cue my immediate relief— and comes at the myths from a similar point of view as mine, in that it's meant to show her story from her perspective. I have concerns about reading this and developing imposter syndrome/regrets, but as one of the two Viking themed releases topping the "Most Anticipated" charts, I feel like I need to know how my story compares to this one, as well as—

This one. Another Canadian author writing about Viking inspired worlds. We should start a club, honestly. While much less directly connected to The Goddess of Nothing At All than the one above, this book is everywhere on my radar. It's inescapable. I mean, I do also follow her on Instagram and Twitter so probably that has something to do with it, just maybe. It's coming out in a few days and I'm genuinely looking forward to reading it, having sworn off most Viking themed stories for a while, to keep them from influencing my work. IT IS TIME TO RETURN TO THE FOLD.

Another from the MOST ANTICIPATED 2021 list. Definitely in the same mood and set of themes as mine, since it's a fairytale retelling about what seems like it'll turn out to be an unintended love trope of some kind. Whenever I think about the book, I'm just like what is UP with that guy in the woods?? Also the author's online presence is just a vibe. I'm pretty sure that I'm going to stumble upon a cabin in the woods one day and find the majority of these authors inside brewing tea and listening to atmospheric ritual-esque music together.

There's inevitably going to be more books on this list, but I think this is enough of a start, don't you? I mean, all of these books come out before summer, if they're not already out. What do you think I am, a Booktuber? I can't work that fast! 30 books a year, goddamnit! However, if you've got any suggestions for books that follow the list above, you can always leave a comment down below or drop them into my DMs on Instagram or Twitter!

Until next time!


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