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5 Norse Myth Novels I Want to Read

There is not enough time in the day, I swear. My To Be Read pile keeps getting larger and larger, and I find myself struggling to make time for any reading at all. But that doesn't mean I don't have a pile of Norse Myth and Norse Myth-Adjacent books on my virtual nightstand waiting for me. Here's a quick list of the top 5 I'm hoping to read soon.

((((Whatever soon means in the concept of space and time here in 2021.))))

I was lucky enough to pick this badass lady up while the ebook was free via the Tor newsletter. I jammed it on my Kindle app and now it stares at me with judging eyes. It does that from Twitter too, since some of my favourite authors love it. It's more Norse-Adjacent in flavour but some people work so well with that kind of inspiration and based on this cover and the theme of the MC being a human sacrifice, I am so very in. Plus the sequel is coming soon, so tick tock.

Lyra Wolf is an absolute peach. I've had the chance to chat with her on Twitter (weirdly enough we have a few things in common, like Norse Myth and writing about odd red-headed Gods) and I'm really excited to dig into the first book in her series, which is centred around Loki. I love reading about main characters who are potentially unreliable narrators and no matter how reliable Lyra's Loki is, there's always going to be that sneaking doubt in my mind. Let the games begin!

Here's another book I've seen floating around the Twitter-verse. It's rooted in Viking history during the Christianization of the north, and while it's not my expertise, I love the exploration of religion from a historical standpoint, especially in moments where it exposes what's hidden under the skirts. It appears to be an interesting blend of myth and history, with mentions of Gods and realms other than Midgard, and I am always down for that. Just throw it on top of the stack of books, will you?

This is a book I heard about via Booktube's I Don't Have A Degree In Reading channel, and it sounded really interesting when she was talking about it. Turns out the book description sounds 10x better than I expected. And that cover? Hello darling beautiful. The font is so well done. This one is also a blend of myth and history, also taking place around the Christian take-over days and focuses on the MC, last of his kind, and his search for vengeance! Count me in.

I don't remember where I found this one, but the cover caught my attention immediately. It's admittedly the book on the list I know the least about it, but from what I gather, the main character is possessed by an enraged spirit and he has to save his village from a violent occupation by outsiders using magic. It has the potential to dive into some of my favourite aspects of seidr and I'd love to see if the author took a more fantasy or a more historical approach to that magic. Listen, nerds gotta nerd, okay?

And that wraps it up! My TBR is once again STACKED and that is definitely a mistake but also is it? Are books every really mistakes? Asking for a friend. If you've got recommendations for me, you can leave a comment here or somewhere on social media!

If you want to stay up to date with my own book writing process, there's a newsletter signup form on the front page of my website!

Until next time!


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