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5 Norse Myth Games You'll Love

I've been an avid gamer since the days when Dad would give me a Nintendo controller and pretend it was plugged in. Since then, I've played a lot of different types of game, from side-scroller to RPG, and thankfully there have also been a ton of great Norse Myth/Viking themed games on my radar. Not sure which ones to try? Check out my top five below.

Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice

Action Horror Game

Follow Senua as she tries to rescue the soul of her dead lover from the grasp of Hela herself.

This game won a ton of awards after its launch in 2017. It used cutting edge motion capture technology to create the imagery of Senua and it dealt unapologetically with topics of mental health. While its Scandinavian and Celtic myth themes pulled me in, the best part of the game is its storytelling around the topic of psychosis, as the viewer can't quite be sure if she's hallucinating her journey because of her trauma, or if there actually are ghoulish monsters baring her way to Helheim.

TW: It's a violent, dark game and if trigger warnings are something you use, you might want to look up that full list.


Real-Time Strategy Game

This game is Age of Mythology, if A0M forced you to play only Norse and also starved you to death 9 games out of 10. Build a base, raise an army, and win the game via strategy or all-out war. There are a dozen different clans to choose from, each with different perks which will help you defeat your foes and survive. The game is heavily based on non-combat mechanics as well, forcing you to survive long and harrowing winters with limited resources, destroying your crops, or siccing wolves on your civilians. The game itself is just as much your enemy as the other players.

TW: Featuring lots of battle, but not much in the way of gore or harsh imagery.


Action-Adventure Game

This is a beautiful and very difficult Indie game that follows a Viking warrior who has died an inglorious death and has to prove herself by defeating a bunch of elemental Jotun bosses. This game is difficult enough that I just fucking gave up. It's stunning but at that time I wasn't looking for a challenge, just a Norse-themed story, and despite having all these God power abilities in-game, I couldn't hack it. It really takes no prisoners.

TW: Lots of battle but it's a very cartoon stylized game, so there's not much in the way of blood and gore.


Survival Roleplaying Game

This is my current obsession. It can be played alone or on a server of up to 10 people. The game itself offers very little in the way of explanation, so you have to rely on your knowledge of previous games and a little experimentation to get a firm hold on the mechanics. Soon you'll be forging bronze, fighting ice drakes, and getting picked off by sea monsters on the open water. I'm playing alone while I listen to audiobooks because I'm a loner but there's something very satisfying about picking blueberries and mining ore for three straight hours... all so I can go murder a giant tree demon boss.

TW: There's no actual storytelling, so no mentions of any triggers, but there's lots of battle and themes of death. You also murder some wolves.

God of War

Action-Adventure Game

Probably the most famous of the games on this list, but still a fantastic pick for people who love action-adventure games. What was most interesting for me about this game was how visibly incorrect some of the storytelling was in regard to the myths. I was so confused. Except, it's on purpose, so just ride with it. I guessed the ending pretty early on, but honestly, I do love being proved right sometimes! It has great mechanics, an interesting story dynamic, and as many BOYYYY memes as you can handle.

TW: This game is bloody as fuckkkk. The God of War franchise was always meant to be full of brutal battle scenes, but it also balances nicely with the Father-Son dynamic that develops throughout the game.

That's the list! I'm sure there are tons of great Norse Myth themed games out there that I've missed, so feel free to send me some recommendations either here or on social media! If you want to keep up with my book and all my news, hop over to the front page of the website and sign up for the newsletter!

Until next time!


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