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5 Myth Retellings I Want to Read

It's hard to narrow this down to five books, especially considering how popular myth retellings have become lately, but you know I'll do anything for you. I haven't read any of these yet, but they're on my shortlist for the next year.

The Silence of Girls

This retelling is about the high cost that women pay in war, specifically during the events of The Iliad. I'm ashamed to say that this has been staring down at me from my bookshelf for years. I even went on a mad hunt for it during a trip to Amsterdam and I think I hyped myself up so hard for it that it was impossible to actually start reading it. While Greek myth isn't my specific wheelhouse, its determination to centre women in a male-dominated myth will always get my vote.

Wain: LGBT reimaginings of Scottish folktales

This short little book is a collection of LGBT themed children's poetry based on Scottish myths. I mean, that whole sentence has every bit of my attention, honestly. It's also stunningly illustrated and seems to be heavy on the shapeshifting gender-nonconforming myths, which I'm so ready for.

A Touch of Gold

Another book that has shamefully sat on the top of my bookshelf, waiting for me. This book is a retelling of the myth of King Midas, centred on the experiences Midas' daughter Kora and the lingering effects that being turned to gold has on her life. It's the first of a two-book YA series and promises to deliver a nuanced version of the story from the person who was probably most affected by the curse.

Son of a Trickster

I made the mistake of grabbing book two during a visit home to Canada a while ago and it's really helped me procrastinate reading this series. The story delves into Indigenous mythology from the region of western Canada through the lens of a young boy who has no idea that he's the son of a trickster god. The book is classified as YA but deals with a lot of hard subject matter. It was also adapted into a series for Canadian television.

The Mythic Dream

This anthology brings together eighteen myth retellings from cultures around the world. The description doesn't really give away much about the contents, but I love getting a small slice of different perspectives and imaginations, especially when it comes to myth. It's like a sample platter that hopefully will lead to you finding new authors you'll love, and maybe give you a new angle to view things from.

And that's the list! You can find more myth recommendations in my other blog posts, so feel free to check them out! Until next time!


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