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We survived Ragnarok and tried to usher in a new era.

Now the realms consist of two minuscule factions encamped 

in the remnants of Asgard and Vanaheim.

But gods are greedy. Anyone not under Asgard’s control must fall.

When they come, they’re going to win. 


The realms are empty.

There’s no one left to help us.

No one except the dead in Helheim.





When I died, I took everyone with me.


Almost everyone. 

I’ve waited for Sigyn every day, but she never comes. Never dies. 

Everyone down here knows what I did. Who I am. 

And I must live—exist—with the weight of that guilt, those scars.

She’s going to come back someday, and I’m going to be alright. 


Be better.

I’d do anything for her. I’d do anything to be with her.


If only she’d ask.



Epilogues for Lost Gods is a story about grief and healing, and is the final chapter of The Goddess of Nothing At All


What comes after the

end of everything?